Chapter 2 - ANDI

October 6, 2017

In this second full episode, Jacki and Chip journey across the Martian surface in order to locate the distress signal, while back in the colony, Keila and ANDI perform surgery on Lieutenant Walker. As we follow the story from ANDI’s perspective, we get our first look inside the mind of an artificial intelligence, and a hint at the larger mysteries surrounding this mission to Mars. Please note that some content may be extreme and therefore not suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised.

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Marsfall is an Amity Bros. production created by Erik Saras, Sam Boase-Miller, and Dan Lovley.

The voice of Jacki O’Rania is Shannon Lovley, the voice of ANDI is Dan Lovley, the voice of Chip Heddleston is Sam Boase-Miller, and the voice of Dr. Keila Levy is Anya Zicer, the voice of Ani Mateo Alvirez is Aramis Martinez, the voice of Private Dirk Wiles is Sergey Nagorny and the voice of the Sickly Colonist is Hannah Safford. Sound engineering and effects mastering by Owen Shearer and Brian Goodheart of Sonic Union studios in New York City. This episode was written and directed by Erik Saras, with music composed and performed by Sam Boase-Miller. Assistant director: Aramis Martinez. Medical consultant: Masha Gervits. The Marsfall logo and website were created by Bonnie Hardin.

Thanks again for listening. We sincerely hope you enjoy the show.

Best Wishes,

Erik, Sam, and Dan